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C2 SmartLumo Luminaire-specific Controller

C2 SmartLumo is a luminaire controller that enables luminaire-specific controlling of lighting. The C2 SmartLumo can work with any LED street light of any manufacturer, and it can be installed inside a luminaire or in a lighting pole. The Lumo controllers can work stand-alone or be connected to the central control system. The controllers communicate via radio frequency and thus don’t require control cabling nor cause data transfer fees. Installation is easy and cost-effective.

The C2 SmartLumo controllers can be programmed and reprogrammed remotely via a personal laptop application. Lighting schedules, grouping of luminaires, and the settings of sensors can be customized easily for each environment.


C2 SmartLumo main features

Dimming  DALI, 1-10V DC
Wireless connection   RF
Data communication   Zigbee, IP network, Mesh network
Ingress protection  IP67/ IP20
Types of luminaires  All LED luminaires
Operating temperatures    -40…+70 oC
Control  Stand-Alone/wirelessly via laptop application
as part of the central control system
Sensor-input  Motion Sensor, Push Button, Twilight Sensor

C2 SmartLumo CB Test Certificate


C2 SmartLumo M, 230 VAC, IP67

C2 SmartLumo 230 VACC2 SmartLumo 230 VAC, IP67


C2 SmartLumo 5-24 VDCC2 SmartLumo 5-24 VDC, IP20