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C2 Lumo Manager

Application for lighting control

C2 Lumo Manager is an application for lighting control of stand-alone lighting networks. It is simple to use and offers multiple lighting controlling options from grouping of luminaires to motion sensor optimization.

Luminaires in a network are shown on a map or a drawing, and they can be controlled as different types of groups, or luminaire-specifically. The application enables the design of weekly schedules by which the luminaires are switched and dimmed.

The application can also be utilized by lighting designers to create versatile lighting profiles for the desired environment. The profiles can be saved to a memory stick, and uploaded to the luminaires by maintenance personnel on the installation site. This way customers can obtain professionally designed lighting environment while limiting the costs.

Lumo Manager brochure

The application is can be downloaded here. (Password required)

Lumo Manager View


Move bars sideways, up and down in order to set the illumination level for the luminaires.