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C2 Lumo Manager

Download the C2 LumoManager application here

Download the installation guide here

Quick guide:

1. Download the C2 Lumo Manager application from the link above.

2. Run C2SmartLightC2LumoManager 1.n.n.exe to install the C2 Lumo Manager application.
— The default installation directory is C:\Program Files (x86)\C2SmartLight\C2LumoManager
— At the end of the installation, the program opens two installation wizards: One for OpenSLL security components and one for installing an USB driver.

3. Accept the installations of the security components and the driver by following the instructions given in the Wizards. The program prompts for Microsoft Visual C++. Install that too if you don’t have it on your computer.

4. Finish the installation of the C2 Lumo Manager by clicking the Close button in the installation window.

5. Connect the C2 SmartLight Zigbee adapter to the PC, and wait until Windows has taken the USB driver into use and notifies that it has found the adapter.

6. Start the C2 Lumo Manager application, and check the state of the ZigBee radio network from the ZigBee Network tab on the Application Info window.

NOTE! The user registration and the first login require an internet connection.