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C2 SmartHall – motion sensor solution for halls

Lighting control with a motion sensor for industrial halls

C2 SmartHall is a turnkey lighting control solution for industrial halls and roof canopies with up to a 10-meter-high ceiling. C2 SmartHall enables individual control of lights in different areas and zones and provides maximum flexibility in layout and function changes. The luminaires can be controlled individually or in groups with several different lighting profiles to meet the requirements of the each area. With the C2 SmartHall, the lighting of a hall operates at the desired area at the desired time and on the right light output level.

The solution uses LED luminaires that are dimmable, durable and energy-efficient. The operation of the luminaires is automatized with lighting schedules programmed in the C2 Lumo Manager application. The solution is supplied with a wireless motion sensor that triggers the lighting when there is movement in the area. The solution is extendable with additional motion sensors and the required number of LED luminaires.

C2 SmartHall is easy to incorporate in both the existing and new lighting infrastructures as it does not require additional cabling upon installation. Once installed, the LED luminaires operate automatically making the area pleasant and safe to use, while reducing energy consumption of unnecessary lighting.

Adaptive wireless lighting
• Grouping LED luminaires according to the type of work area.
• Triggered by a wireless motion sensor.
• Modification of lighting schedules with the C2 Lumo Manager laptop application.

Energy and maintenance savings
• Light is dimmed or switched off, when there are no users at the area.
• Save money on inventory by having only 1 or 2 types of LED luminaires in storage.
• No data communication or operating costs.

C2 SmartHall brochure

C2 SmartHall hallien ja ulkokatoksien valaisemiseen


C2 Smartlight C2LM-6109