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C2 SmartLight at Bright Baana on September 24–27th

The year 2015 was nominated by the UN as the international Year of Light. The Year of Light highlights the  benefits to humanity offered by the fields of science that utilize light and their applications. The purpose of the event is to gather experiences on the use of new, energy-efficient lighting solutions and their effect on the sense of comfort and safety.

C2 SmartLight Lighting Control Solution is used in controlling the lighting in the pedestrian pathway tunnel in Arkadiankatu street, and in the pedestrian pathway from Mannerheimintie street to Arkadaiankatu street. The lighting adjusts itself according to the amount of traffic in the pathway.

Baana, completed in 2012, opened up a cycling and pedestrian route from the West Harbour to the city centre, when the railway traffic was stopped on the old port tracks, built a hundred years earlier. In some places, Baana is a dramatic canyon, lined by steep cliff walls, and in other places it is a lively “living room” for the youth or a park-like embankment. The pedestrian and cycling corridor, which was built into a former railway canyon, was awarded as a commercial-free public space in the European Prize for Urban Public Space competition in 2014, from among nearly 200 European cities.

Bright Baana is open to all public. Welcome to see the world of smart lighting!

More information at www.valoisabaana.fi