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C2 SmartLight City

Order Number: C2 2614102

Order Number: C2 2614102

Full streetlight control

C2 SmartLight City enables full light-specific control, measurement, and surveillance of outdoor lighting in industrial areas and at ports, on individual properties, and in cities. The modular City solution, scaled to each customer’s needs, is provided with the desired modules for measurement of output and voltage, with relay units as required, or with a module for controlling individual lamps.

Individual light points are switched on and off or dimmed and their energy consumption is measured via a small control unit on the lamp post, communicating with a control module in a nearby street lighting centre via PLC (power line communication) and RF (radio frequency) techniques, with no data transfer costs. The control unit at the light point is not dependent on the lamp manufacturer, and it works with a variety of lighting technologies.

In addition to lamp-specific control, the City solution provides energy consumption measurement and enables anticipation of faults on the basis of the measurement results. It also notifies of burnt-out lamps in safety-critical locations. The user interface is clear and easy to use, with the possibility of importing customers’ own maps or using Google Maps, for example.

Names and electrical codes for the City equipment

Product package Electrical code Contents
C2 SmartLight City 2614102 C2PU power supply unit, C2CU central processing unit, C2RU relay unit, C2MU measurement unit, 3 x C2CuT current measurement transformer, C2ANT antenna (3 m), 2xC2MCABLE module cable, C2PCABLE power cable
C2LUCONC Base Station 2614108 C2LUCONC lamp control hub (communicates with individual lamp controllers), C2MCABLE module cable, C2POLEANT antenna (4 m)
C2LUCONT Luminaire specific controller 2614109 C2LUCONT controller for individual light points

Main features of C2 SmartLight City Packet

Capacity 4 relays, load detection per relay
Load max Load is regulated by contactors in an electrical cabinet
Control C2 Centralized Solution
Communication Signal  GSM/3G
Operation temperature  -40oC….+60oC
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