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C2 SmartLight deliveres lighting control system for city of Kouvola

During 2014 C2 smartLight solution will be integrated into 360 streetlight cabinet and there will be deployed about 400 of Pocket-size contol centres, in order to obtain specifc control of small streets. Optionally city of Kouvolla may get control solution for additional 60 streetlight cabinets and individual controllers for LED luminaires according to the delivery agreement.  The service contract for support of licensed management system was signed for 12 years.

The purchase dicision of city of Kouvola was based on both price and quality comparison. The examination by Kouvola city concluded that C2 SmartLight control solution is the most verstila and advanced control solution for outdoor lighting. C2 SmartLight earned 15% more quality points than other participants of the competition for future streetlight control system.