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C2 SmartLight Luminaire specific controller

C2LUCONT has been designed for installation in challenging environments and has IP67 certification. The controller is compatible with any manufacturer’s luminaires, and supports DALI and 1-10V DC control signals. It can be utilized to control LED luminaires, electronic interface of HPS lamps and dual ballasts. The device contains two relays and is able to feed a maximum load of 800W, making it is possible to control several luminaires mounted on a single pole. Because of its small size, the controller can be easily installed inside a light pole and remain unnoticed by pedestrians.

The luminaire specific controllers communicate via RF signal in a Zigbee mesh-network. In the case of failure of one device, the IP network rebuilds automatically to obtain the most efficient passage for the signal. Each controller has an integrated energy measurement device, which enables the recording of energy consumption of each individual luminaire.

The supplied web-based user interface enables the user to monitor the condition of lighting network in real-time, to define parameters of luminaire operation, and to access the energy measurement reports. The performance reports are saved in the database throughout the lifetime of an individual controller. The performance reports can be exported in excel format.

Summary of features

Signal Protocol DALI, 1-10V DC
Communication Signal RF
Network Zigbee, IP network
Protection Class IP 67
Luminaire Types All
Perfomance 2 relays, energy measurement unit
Load max. 800W
Control Remote control via user interface
Reporting Online monitoring, reports history, exportable in excel format

Names and electrical codes for the Street equipment

Product package Electrical code Contents
C2 SmartLight Controller 2614109 C2 LUCONT luminaire specific controller
C2 SmartLight Control lamp control hub 2614108 C2LUCONC control hub, C2MCABLE module cable (8 m), C2POLEANT Antenna cable (4 m)