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C2 SmartLight replaces PLC technology with radio connection

Since June 1st, 2015 C2 SmartLight LuconT controllers and LuconC base station no longer support the PLC  (Power Line Communication) technology.

C2 SmartLight delivered the first luminary control system using PCL four years ago. Regardless of the ongoing product development, the PLC did not provide the level required for luminaire specific controlling. The problems have arisen with grid redundancy and different kinds of disturbances in the network.

The data transfer rate of PLC is too slow for controlling and managing LED street lights. Additionally, the current sensor systems (luminance measurement, motion sensors, and e.g. smart push-button control) cannot be dependent on power line cables, thus all C2 SmartLight sensors are wireless.

All C2 SmartLight controllers, such as Lucont and SmartLumo, and LuconC base station operate via fast and wireless radio connection (256 Kbit/s, ZigBee protocol).