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C2 SmartLight solution is presented at Vantaa Housing Fair

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On June 10th, with the opening of Vantaa Housing Fair, C2 SmartLight presents a new method to control lighting by a wireless push-button. A motion sensor is not an effective solution for playgrounds and sport areas, where people passing by may trigger the lighting at a time when it is not needed. The wireless push-button for switching the lighting on was designed in a close collaboration with our customers. Now everyone can switch the lights on on a playground – and only when the lighting is needed– without additional costs in maintenance, cabling or data communication.

The lighting solution can be tested at the Vantaa Housing Fair in Kvartsijuonenpuisto playground. There is a push-button at the entrance of the playground, and when pressed, the dimmed LED luminaires bright up. The LED luminaires are integrated with wireless C2 SmartLumo controllers, which allow users to setup effective schedules and monitor individual luminaires.

During the period of Housing Fair, the lighting is set to 10% of the luminaires’ power. By pressing the push-button, the lighting increases to full power for 1 minute, after which the luminaires are dimmed to 30% of power for 30 seconds. The luminaires return to pre-defined 10% as a default. Every visitor has a possibility to test the lighting control.