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C2 SmartLight Street

Order Number: C2 2614101

Order Number: C2 2614101

Versatile tools for lighting control

The C2 SmartLight Street provides versatile tools for the control, monitoring, and maintenance surveillance of outdoor lighting in industrial areas, on individual properties, and in cities. The solution can be used for remote control and monitoring of a number of independent control areas. The lighting infrastructure can be managed via a Web browser. The Street solution issues an alarm if there is trouble and provides center-specific information on when and where lights are switched on, and for how long.

The modular Street product package includes basic functions but can be easily expanded with additional modules, such as supplementary relays. The measuring station for the Street solution, consisting of three brightness measurement units, ensures that the lights are switched on and off at the right times in all control areas.

Main features of C2 SmartLight Street
Capacity 1 relays, load detection per relay
Load max Load is regulated by contactors in an electrical cabinet
Control C2 Centralized Solution
Communication Signal  GSM/3G
Operation temperature  -40oC….+60oC
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