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C2 SmartLight Videos

C2 SmartPlay – A game changer

C2 SmartYard – Sense of security, enhanced atmosphere and energy savings

C2 SmartLight Vanhan Hirvasentien katuvalaistus

Lighting on streets with a low volume of traffic can be controlled with motion sensors that detect vehicles and pedestrians.

C2 SmartLight Oulun lentokentän parkkialueen valaistus

The lighting of Oulu airport parking adjusts to the volume of users in the area.

C2 SmartLight Muuratsalon harrastekentän valaistus

Lighting at sport fields can be controlled with motion sensors or with a push-button placed at the entrance.

C2 SmartLight Ylistönmäen ledireitti

Smart lighting follows pedestrians. Video of the Led Route in Jyväskylä.

On-demand lighting improves the visibility of pedestrians.