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C2 SmartPlay – push-button solution for playgrounds

Lighting control with a wireless push-button for playgrounds and sport fields

Controlling the lighting of a playground or a sports field can bring significant savings when the lighting is on only when there are users in the area, and not for the whole evening. In areas, where a motion sensor does not provide the accuracy needed for the light switch-on – e.g. in areas near pedestrian pathways with people passing by – a push-button can provide the right means for triggering the lighting.

The C2 SmartPlay is a wireless turnkey solution that ensures that there is the desired amount of light at the desired times at the area. The solution is supplied with predefined lighting profiles that control the switch-on and dimming of the luminaires upon the push-button activation. The settings can be wirelessly customized with the C2 Lumo Manager laptop application.

The solution is based on smart LED luminaires integrated with a C2 SmartLumo controller. The product package is ready for deployment at any environment and requires no additional control cabling upon installation. Once installed, the LED luminaires operate automatically making the area pleasant and safe to use, while reducing energy consumption of unnecessary lighting.

C2 SmartPlay brochure

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