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C2 SmartMotion

Lighting control with a wireless motion sensor for parks and sport fields

The C2 SmartMotion is a wireless turnkey lighting control solution for e.g. parks and sport fields. The package includes a wireless motion sensor, a smart LED luminaire with predefined dimming schedules, the Lumo Manager application and a wireless usb-adapter for a PC.

The C2 SmartMotion ensures desired amount of light at desired times.  The dimmed lighting in a park or a sport field brightens up when the motion sensor detects movement.

Adaptive wireless lighting without additional cabling
• A turnkey solution with a LED luminaire and a wireless motion sensor.
• Predefined parameters easily updated with the C2 Lumo Manager laptop application.
• No data communication or operating costs.
• Reduction of energy consumption of unnecessary lighting.

Demand-oriented lighting
• Light is dimmed or switched off, when there are no users in the area.
• Lighting is triggered by a wireless motion sensor.
• Dimming the luminaires increases their lifespan.

C2 SmartMotion brochure