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C2 SmartTunnel – Lighting control for tunnels

A tunnel is segmented into zones with respective lighting requirements. Each zone can be controlled separately by specific lighting profiles, based on the desired switching times and dimming levels.

The switching times and dimming levels are defined by e.g. lux levels, traffic volume and weather conditions. In case of a malfunction of the lighting, a notification is sent to the central control room and maintenance personnel. The notification includes information of the failure type and its location, significantly easing the maintenance of the lighting.

The C2 SmartLight solution not only ensures safe and comfortable environment for drivers, but also saves energy by reducing excessive lighting. The C2 SmartLight Centralized Control Solution can be incorporated in the existing traffic management system.

Basic lighting control features:

  • Lighting schedules according to requirements
  • Lighting adjustment according to lux levels

Advanced features:

  • Smart dimming of the luminaires from entrance towards the exist
  • Automatic adjustment of tunnel lighting with the ambient lighting
  • Lighting optimization based on traffic volume and weather conditions
  • Real-time notification of malfunction and its location.