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C2 SmartWalk

Smart lighting for pedestrian crossings

C2 SmartWalk is an intelligent lighting solution that significantly improves the visibility of pedestrians at street crossings.

A pedestrian who is about to cross a street pushes a push-button, placed next to the pedestrian crossing, triggering the lighting to brighten to full illumination level for 20 seconds. The solution can also be implemented using motion sensors.

The bright lighting at the crossing notifies the vehicles of the upcoming pedestrian crossing and enables the driver to see the pedestrians earlier.

C2 SmartWalk is an excellent solution for pedestrian crossings near schools, day cares, nursing homes etc. – for places that could use the extra attention to ensure the safety or pedestrians.

C2 SmartWalk package is a turn-key solution, and it includes an efficient smart luminaire and two C2 SmartLight Push Buttons or Motion Sensors.


C2 SmartWalk brochure


Watch a video of  C2 SmartWalk:


– Many pedestrians are afraid that cars will not not stop at the pedestrian crossing.

– Many motorists feel that pedestrian crossings appear suddenly, and that the pedestrians jump to the road without checking the traffic.

– Nearly half of pedestrian accidents happen at a pedestrian crossing. Third of the accidents lead to death of the pedestrian.

– Majority of the accidents involve elderly people or children.

– Half of the accidents at pedestrian crossings happen during the dark time of the day.

Source: Liikenneturva (Finnish Road Safety Council)

Benefits of C2 SmartWalk:

– Pedestrians can indicate that they are about to cross the street.

– Drivers are able to notice pedestrians sooner.

– C2 SmartWalk package includes everything you need, and it is delivered as a turn-key solution. All you need to do is install the equipment in place.

– The solution is wireless and thus does not require control cabling. The solution is easy and cost-effective to implement.