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C2S – User Interface for C2 SmartLight Central Control Solution

The C2S is a web-based user interface with graphical views of maps and trends, and functions for grouping the light controllers and creating lighting schedules. It includes various alarms, suggestions for problem fixing as well as reporting functions and browsing of stored history data.

Lighting optimization

With C2S, you can group the luminaires according to the lighting use, lighting schedules and dimming levels, and thus optimize the lighting for each area. The lighting can be controlled even luminaire-specifically with C2 SmartLumo controllers.

The lighting can be adapted to meet the needs of each area with the help of different kind of sensors that measure e.g. light levels and temperature. The lighting can be triggered also by using motion sensors,  twilight switches or push buttons.

Third-party compatibility

The C2 SmartLight control system can use third-party data, such as weather conditions and traffic intensity, as additional parameter for lighting control.


The system components are constantly monitoring the status of their load, and also contain self-monitoring functionality. Based on detected problems, various
types of alarms can be generated and reported to the user via the system server. Alarms are raised immediately when problems are detected. They can be automatically forwarded to the service technician by SMS or email. Alarms are generated e.g. for the following reasons: burned lamps, ground faults, blown fuses, mismatch between
control and load, communication failures, weak signal, faulty photo cell, mains power down, and several others.


– Energy consumption
– Light measurements
– Temperature measurements
– Exportable data
– Burn-time of luminaires

Remote Maintenance

The C2S is web-based user interface that can be used irrespective of location. It features several levels of user roles, and for example, maintenance personnel can access the field devices via a smart phone.

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