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Central Lighting Control

The C2 SmartLight central control system is used in large infrastructures such as in street lighting and in public spaces where continued monitoring and reliable alert system is required. Lighting control is an important part of the complex management solution of city infrastructure. The C2 SmartLight system can use third-party data, such as weather information, as additional parameter for lighting control.

C2 SmartLight central lighting control system consists of the server hardware and software, user interface (C2S), and control units located on site. The units communicate with the control software via a secured GSM/3G network and enable remote monitoring of the entire lighting infrastructure.

The C2 SmartLight central control system is a modular solution, which scales up to demanding needs. A minimum setup consists of a communication module and a power source. Due to the modularity, customer can select the most suitable set of functionality hence optimizing the device cost. Modularity improves service and maintenance operations. Modules are mounted to a standard DIN-rail.

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The C2 SmartLight control units

C2CU Central Unit
C2RU Relay Unit
C2MU Measurement unit
C2 LuconC Base Station
C2 LuconT Controller
C2 SmartLumo Controller
+ a selection of different kind of sensors, antennas and cables.

All C2 SmartLight control units are designed and manufactured in Finland.

Architecture of the Central Control Solution