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E18 Koskenkylä–Kotka Highway

The main road 7 is part of the international European road 18 and the Nordic Triangle traffic system, and it is regarded important by the European Union. The Finnish Transport Agency launched a project in 2011 to upgrade the road into a highway all the way from city of Helsinki to the busiest border crossing Vaalimaa. The project is carried out in three phases, two of which have been completed. The two phases concentrated on the restructuring of the road from Koskenkylä to Kotka. The third, last part of the project is currently being planned.

C2 SmartLight was chosen to supply the street lighting control system for Koskenkylä–Kotka highway. C2 SmartLight provided the software and the equipment used for lighting controlling, and coordinated their installation. The lighting control solution presented is unique, specifically designed and tailored for highway lighting – a solution no-one else in Finland could have offered.

Demand-oriented Lighting

The C2 SmartLight central control system uses a web-based interface that the users can access remotely to monitor and adjust the settings of the lighting in different areas of the road. The sodium-vapor luminaires used in E18 are set to illuminate at the right output level in accordance with a variety of parameters ranging from amount of traffic, weather conditions to the luminance in different parts of the highway. The C2 SmartLight central control system is compatible with different kinds of information systems and thus able to use the data from e.g. meteo stations and traffic control systems. Dynamic, intelligent location-specific light control increases security and facilitates a significant reduction on energy consumption.

Automatic Failure Notifications and Reports

The lighting control system generates automatically failure notifications and reports. Failure notifications including the location of and type of the failure are automatically sent to the maintenance personnel by sms or email, depending on the importance level. The control system does not require constant supervision, but alarms the maintenance personnel when needed. The control devices on the site have a back-up system that works without connection to the control room.

The system provides reports about energy consumption, luminance measurements, burn times of the light bulbs or led-luminaires, and on/off switching times. The reports can be formed in desired periods and presented in graphics or tables. With the C2 SmartLight lighting control solution, the lighting of E18 is demand-oriented and ensures safety and comfort for all travelers.

Lighting control in numbers:
– aim 35% savings in energy consumption and maintenance costs
– luminaire-specific controllers in all 1300 luminaires
– 24 switching cabinets equipped with C2 SmartLight control units