C2 SmartLight and SteraLux to cooperate

In an evolving society, quality and wise use of resources should go hand in hand. The higher the level of development, the harder the work is to take the next step. Sometimes help is sought from other actors in the field instead of new and better components. 
C2 SmartLight signed a partnership agreement with SteraLux, as our technologies make SteraLux luminaires smarter. In this way, we are able to work together to provide our customers with remotely controlled and automatically adjustable lighting, energy-efficiently and environmentally friendly.

Petri Laitinen, vice president, C2 SmartLight Oy:

C2 SmartLight is a Finnish company specializing in intelligent lighting solutions, whose services are already enjoyed by two-thirds of Finns. 

“We have already delivered hundreds of lighting control solutions to large outdoor areas, such as sports venues, harbors and industrial areas all over Finland. Automatically adjustable lighting minimizes the amount of light pollution that disturbs the environment and reduces energy consumption.

It is great for us to partner with a domestic and high-quality lighting manufacturer. With SteraLux, we can offer light as a complete solution for sports fields, ports and industrial areas, for example.” 

Toni Kulikoff, Avainasiakaspäällikkö, Stera Technologies Oy:

SteraLux luminaires are energy efficient when turned on, but what about when light is not needed or it is needed significantly less? With the technology developed by C2 SmartLight, intelligent lighting control is easy.

“Wireless lighting control systems are currently on a strong rise, this is reflected in the number of solution providers. The field is very fragmented and we have found that there is still room for improvement either in the control components or in the software. 

C2 SmartLight products and professionalism in the outdoor control solutions convinced us. That is why we ended up integrating C2 SmartLight control technology into our area lighting products.  

The components and software offered by C2 SmartLight were clearly the most advanced. It has accumulated the required operating hours in the field to achieve operational reliability.  

For us, partnership was an inherent choice; now we are able to offer finnish led luminaires integrated with finnish intelligent control. Together, we can produce the best light for large outdoor areas, such as sports fields, ports and industrial areas.”

More information:

Petri Laitinen
Vice president
C2 SmartLight Oy
+358 44 045 4765


Toni Kulikoff
Stera Technologies Oy
+358 40 095 8530



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