C2S user interface

C2S is a browser-based lighting control system interface that enables real-time lighting monitoring, adjustment and maintenance.

Illuminated areas - such as parks, playgrounds or streets - can be individually managed and controlled via the user interface. For example, a summer shutdown of an area or other anomalous area-wide control action can be quickly performed with a few mouse clicks.

Each user is given their own username and password to the control system, as well as individual access rights. Administrators can modify lighting schedules and lighting practices to achieve energy savings, acknowledge alarms, and view reports generated by the system.

Fault situations are shown in red in the map view of the user interface. This allows the location of the fault to be located immediately. The control system automatically sends a fault message to the service person's mobile phone, for example, via text message or email. The principle is that the system does not have to be monitored all the time, but the system notifies the operating staff or maintenance if there is something wrong with the lighting.

The system reports, for example, the current state of lighting, the status of individual relays, hourly reports on the presence of luminaires, energy consumption, brightness and temperature sensor data and fault situations. All History Data is stored in a database and is available from the system when needed.


ProgrammabilityThe luminaires can be grouped by region. Individual lighting schedules and light levels can be set for each group.
Remote maintenance controlService personnel can manage the luminaires via a smartphone. Comments related to the control panel or luminaire-specific control device can be recorded via the mobile user interface.
MonitoringReal-time lighting network monitoring via a web browser-based user interface. Several different user profiles.
Alarm systemAdvanced alarm system for fault situations. Error messages from the user interface to mobile phone and email.
Control dataLight level, temperature, weather conditions, traffic volume
ReportingEnergy consumption, light volumes, temperatures, burning times of luminaires

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