Critical infrastructure

Water distribution

Pumping station control solution

The problems we solve


Monitoring solution for the current pumping station, technology update to today's 4G solution.


A resource for service and maintenance, sharing fault information to those who need it -> "extra hands" with automation.


We secure the continuity of operations -> we reduce personal dependency.



24/7 monitoring of information systems -> quick response to problems.


Remote control and monitoring as well as fault verification, analysis and initiation of corrective measures remotely reduce maintenance costs.

Monitoring of critical infrastructure with experience of more than 10,000 units since 2004.

A trusted partner of the public sector, with more than 200 municipalities as customers.

Technology expert when 3G networks come to an end.

Automation ensures the continuity of operations.

C2 Information Systems is part of C2 SmartLight Oy.

Customer feedback

Our pumping stations have an alarm indicator light, which does not send a notification to the customer. I got a pump monitoring solution from C2 because I wanted to make sure that the pumping station always works efficiently and safely. Since the pumping station processes waste water, I wanted to prevent waste water from entering the environment in the event of a failure. The monitoring solution helps me monitor the operation of the pumping station in real time and gives me peace of mind.
Jari Rytkönen
Uuraisten vesiosuuskunta
For Petäjävesi, the most important features in monitoring pumping stations are awareness of alarms, prevention of environmental damage and operational reliability. The C2 solution offers these features and we see synergistic benefits in that C2 solutions also control our municipality's outdoor lighting.
Reija Laamanen
Petäjäveden kunta

Product and services

C2 Monitoring equipment for the pumping station
- Alarm and power failure monitoring
Forwarding of alarms
Centralized monitoring and control
Browser-based user interface
- C2 control room 24/7
– On/off control and reporting
– Sensors for measuring conditions and alarms

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