C2 Lumo Manager

Software for local wireless lighting control

C2 LumoManager

C2 Lumo Manager is an application that allows you to conveniently control a group of luminaires with C2 SmartLumo controllers on a laptop. With the application, the operating times and wattages of different luminaires can be adjusted in many ways to suit the current environment.

With the C2 Lumo Manager, the user can easily create weekly lighting schedules for either individual luminaires or luminaire groups. The locations of the luminaires are shown using an illustrative map. Once the desired lighting information has been set in the application, each luminaire group operates independently according to the settings.

With C2 Lumo Manager, the lighting works at the right time, at the right level of brightness, thus reducing the amount of energy used for lighting.

Download C2 Lumo Manager (password required)

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