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Performance of LED-luminaires in Jyväskylä

The “dancing” performance of the luminaires was designed in the city center of Jyväskylä in order to present the functional possiblities of LED luminaires. The benefits of their implementation was enhanced by addition of luminaire specific controller designed by C2SmartLight Oy.

The device was designed to enable the efficient control over luminaires by introducing such functions as wireless communication, energy consumption measurement and dimming. The luminaire specific controller is installed inside the pole of each luminaire and can be easily accessed by opening the service door of the pole. The control parameters are set via wireless network to each luminaire specific controller from control center.

The presented LED luminaires with total output of 122W were dimmed according to smart energy saving mode. For example, the pedestrian crossings are lighted with the output of 74W, while the areas between them are lighted with output of 61W. Despite the difference, the comfortable level of luminance is maintained for citizens.