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General Interface Unit

Order Number: C2 2614124

Order Number: C2 2614124

The C2 General Interface Unit has been designed to obtain data from measurement equipment such as traffic volume measurement, movement detectors, units that determine weather conditions, light measurement, luminance measurement etc. The measurements are transferred over encrypted Extranet network to the C2 centralized solution, which can be monitored via user interface. The additional parameters can be used to optimize the amount of light required at any particular time and in any conditions. Therefore, we are able to create a comfortable environment for the public.

The C2GI Unit has been designed for use in the project for the upgrade of the E18 highway.

Main features of C2 General Interface Unit
Interface 3 x 4-20 mA DC, 1 x on/off input, 1 x I2C-Bus
Network GPRS, GSM
Protection Class IP 65
Devices Types Devices that support analogue signal interface
Control Stand-alone or connected to C2 Centralized Solution
Reporting Online reports when connected to C2 Centralized Solution
Operation temperature   -40oC….+60oC
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