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C2 LuconC Base Station

C2 SmartLight LuconCThe C2 LuconC Base Station is a communication gateway between the C2CU Central Unit and the luminaire-specific and group controllers on the site and  The base station ensures a two-way communication by transferring control parameters to the devices, and sending data from the controllers to the Centralized Control System. The data is transferred in Zigbee radio signals.

The C2 LuconC Base Station is installed into the street light cabinet along with the other C2’s green units.

Main features of C2 LuconC:

Capacity Several controllers can be connected to the C2 LuconC
Network RF (Zigbee)
Control C2 SmartLight Central Control System
Compatibility C2 LuconC can be added to any compilation of C2 SmartLight central control units.
Operation temperature -40 C….+60 C