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Push Button

In areas, where a motion sensor does not provide the accuracy needed for the light switch-on – e.g. in areas near pedestrian pathways with people passing by – a push-button can provide the right means for triggering the lighting.

The C2 SmartLight Push Button is vandal-safe, and designed for demanding outdoor conditions. The button is wireless and thus does not require new control cabling.

• Vandal-safe

• Weather-proof

• Wireless




Motion Sensor

The C2 SmartLight Motion Sensor ensures that the lights are on only when there are users on the area, or alternatively, that the dimmed lighting brightens when a user enters the area.

The Motion Sensor is connected to the C2 SmartLumo 5-24 VDC controller which sends a signal to the luminaires when motion is detected.

• On-demand lighting

• Weather-proof

• Wireless


C2 Motion Sensor