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The Pori port entered the era of intelligent lighting

In 2009, C2’s lighting control system was implemented for the port of Pori. Taking a little over a year, the project enabled environmentally friendly and intelligent lighting for the Mäntyluoto harbour area.

The most important objectives in the lighting improvement were efficient focusing of the lights, a user-friendly system, and saving of energy. The project was a challenging one, as irregular production hours in the harbour area called for flexible lighting control. ‘Primarily, production takes place during morning and evening shifts, but often ships are loaded and unloaded even at night’, explains Kai Heinonen, the port’s operations manager.

Bespoke solutions

The project began with an assessment of, and functionality check for, the old control systems in the harbour. During installation, the old and new systems were integrated. Since the implementation, the port of Pori and C2 have been developing the lighting control application to better suit the use environment. ‘It is great that C2 has listened to our wishes and tailored the product to our needs. We are still continuing the development work together’, Heinonen says.

The new system enables energy savings of 10–30%, depending on how the lights are used.

‘With this scale, these are significant savings. The amount of the savings depends on us. The next goal is to have the staff committed to efficient use of the new system’, Heinonen sums up.

Partial lighting of the Mäntyluoto section of the port
Contents: C2 assessed the old lighting systems, carried out the integration of the old and new system, and developed the control system to suit the customer’s purposes
Purpose: efficient and flexible use as well as energy and cost savings
Schedule: assessments in autumn 2008, installation in 2009, and modification of the user interface completed in winter 2010
Area to be lit: 2 km2 (the Mäntyluoto harbour area)
Number of street lamps: approximately 550
Output: 330 kW
Annual energy consumption for lighting: approximately 1.8 GWh for the entire harbour