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The C2 SmartLight outdoor lighting improvement programme consists of four phases:

1. Analysis of the current situation
2. Planning of the outdoor lighting and control solution
3. Cost estimate and calculation of times to return on investment
4. Creation of the implementation plan

If the customer does not have the necessary, up-to-date documents for the lighting infrastructure, C2 representatives will assess the current situation for the destination area. The purpose of the analysis is to determine what the current lighting control solution is and assess the condition of the street lighting centres and light points. The analysis is carried out by a local subcontractor or C2 on the turnkey principle.

Planning of the outdoor lighting and the control solution includes determination of the need for repairs and replacement of mercury lamps, as well as of the necessary changes to centres, light points, lamp posts, lamps, and cables. The cost estimate includes calculation of the energy savings to be gained and of times to return on investment.

Finally, a detailed action plan and schedule are created for the lighting development project. C2 helps in the preparation of presentation material for decision-makers and will also help to present the plan, if such assistance is required.