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Smart lighting control in Oulu airport parking areas

Oulun lentokenttä, air port in oulu

In 2014, when the Oulu Airport began a renovation project to improve passenger services and the general comfort of the terminal, one of the areas of improvement was the parking areas. In order to provide effective lighting in the parking areas, Finavia ordered the C2 SmartLight centralized control system and LED luminaires with integrated C2 SmartLumo controllers.

The smart luminaires will be utilized in parking areas P1, P2 and P2, and parking for rental cars and maintenance. The SmartLumo controllers inside the luminaires are preprogrammed to switch the lighting on at the right times and at the right output power. The settings of the controllers can be changed remotely via a web-based user interface of the centralized control system. The right kind of illumination at desired times, in the desired place and with suitable output power is energy efficient, and creates a pleasant and safe environment all year round.

The smart luminaires with integrated motion detection sensors will be installed at the entrances of the parking areas. As a vehicle approaches the entrance, a group of luminaires near the entrance lit up, and as the vehicle proceeds further in the parking area, the luminaires in that area are lit sequentially. This way, only the areas that are being used are illuminated.

The luminaires can be programmed, for example, to stay fully lit for 10 minutes and to dim for 5 minutes before the lights are turned off – unless, of course, the sensors detect more movement in the area keeping the lights on for another 10 minutes before dimming. Each luminaire can be programmed with 10 different dimming levels and a variety of different kinds of lighting schedules.

The smart lighting control solution at the Oulu Airport parking areas will be ready in summer 2015.