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C2 SmartYard

Sense of security, enhanced atmosphere and energy savings

A modern lighting solution for a range of areas from small yards to large parks where lighting is adjusted automatically based on movement detection in the area.

Not too bright and not too dark
Appropriate lighting helps to secure property, enhances the atmosphere and gives a sense of safety. C2 SmartYard adjusts the lighting pleasantly dimmed when there is no movement in the area. When movement is detected, the illumination becomes brighter for a set period, after which it gradually decreases. By reducing the disruptive lighting the environment becomes more comfortable. In the evening the window opens up to a pleasant landscape instead of a bright light in the yard.

Ready-to-install package solution or part of a bigger system
A wireless and stand-alone solution is easy to install and quick to deploy. In renovation projects it can be installed directly to replace the old lighting system and in new sites the C2 SmartYard works either independently or as part of other control systems.

When an illumination sensor is included in the solution, the area automatically lights up at sunset and fades out at sunrise. The number of luminaires is easy to add as needed. C2 SmartYard is a wireless solution and does not require special cabling, that also saves costs.

A modern and futureproof solution
C2 SmartYard is an investment in the future that pays itself back as energy savings. A dimmed led lights consume only a fraction of energy compared to legacy luminaires such as hight pressure mercury lamps and high pressure sodium lamps.

How to order?

Please contact our partner in your area.

Basic Package
Smart led light (includes C2 SmartLumo)
C2 SmartYard motion detector

Smart led light (includes C2 SmartLumo)
C2 SmartYard motion sensor
Illumination sensor

C2 SmartYard Luminaires

Ensto Tori C2 SmartLight Älypiha

Ensto Tori

Ensto Camillo C2 SmartLight Älypiha

Ensto Camillo

Ensto Opera C2 SmartLight Älypiha

Ensto Opera

Ensto Opera Deco C2 SmartLight Älypiha

Ensto Opera Deco