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Stand-alone Lighting Control

Stand-alone lighting control allows an economical way of setting up smart lighting for a specific area. Smart lighting adjusts to the need of the users of the area, bringing the right amount of light where it’s needed.

The C2 SmartLight stand-alone packages are an easy way to implement smart lighting in any area. The packages include a smart led luminaire, integrated with a C2 SmartLumo controller, in addition to sensors, such as motion sensor or a push button. The packages come with default settings and installation-ready. Once installed, the lighting works stand-alone.

The default settings can be easily changed, with a C2 Lumo Manager application, which is also included in the C2 SmartLight stand-alone packages.

The packages are suitable for a variety of environments – from industrial halls, parking places, and parks to sport grounds – and can be extended with the desired number of luminaires to provide the right lighting for the area. The lighting control does not require control cabling as the equipment communicate wirelessly via radio signals. Installation is easy and cost-effective.

Read more in the package descriptions below, and contact us if you have any questions!