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C2 SmartLight

C2 SmartLight Ltd. is a high-technology company that focuses on intelligent light control solutions. The company was founded in 2004, and it designs and develops all products in-house, and outsources production to experienced long-term partners. During the past ten years, C2 SmartLight has completed over 100 lightning solution projects ranging from public spaces, national highways and harbors to private infrastructures.

High-level service

C2 SmartLight creates energy-saving solutions for outdoor lighting by providing both electrical and lighting design services, and the equipment and software needed for the light control. C2 SmartLight provides support for the customer at each stage of the project from planning to the after-deployment service.

C2 SmartLight co-operates closely with system integrators and contractors that design unique solutions for customer-specific environments. C2 SmartLight works in tight collaboration with LED luminaire manufacturers, which has brought about the smart, wirelessly controllable LED luminaires that can operate stand-alone. Another co-operation resulted in development of a smart sensor that can distinguish pedestrians from the vehicles.

The C2 SmartLight service department is responsible for the implementation and upkeep of new projects. The technical support service operates 24/7, providing high-level customer care.

Why customers choose us?

The C2 SmartLight centralized control system is used to control about a million lighting points in Finland. The portfolio includes over 100 customer cases in distinctive areas from public to private premise lighting. The high quality products and Finnish design are trusted also internationally. C2 SmartLight solutions are sold world-wide by our local partners.

Our goal is to maintain long-lasting partnerships. We focus to provide each customer with lighting solution that meets their specific needs, and produces desired lighting at desired time and place.

Future plan

C2 SmartLight targets becoming a truly international company, and is currently operating in Scandinavia, Singapore, Indonesia and Middle East. We believe that intelligent lighting solutions should be affordable for everyone and easy to use, and thus we have designed turn-key, energy-efficient lighting packages for mass delivery. The lighting packages, introduced in the website, are well suited for small and middle-sized environments.