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C2 SmartPlay – A game changer

Lights on with a push of a button

C2 SmartPlay is smart lighting control solution, that illuminates the fields, parks and trails only when needed, saving more than 90% of the annual lighting costs. C2 SmartPlay also controls legacy luminaires with a push of a button.

Smart savings
Energy saving are given with smartlight, but in addition the lifetime of a luminaire is extended as it is illuminated only when needed. Light pollution diminishes and atmosphere is enhanced. C2 SmartPlay is wireless and stand-alone solution, so it is easy to install and quick to deploy. It does not require special cabling.

A game changer
The game can still be on when the lights go out clock-controlled. The weather may be bad and there are no players on the fields all evening. C2 SmartPlay is a game changer by illuminating the fields, parks and trails only when there is movement in the area and keeping the lighting to a minimum when the area is empty.

A modular solution
C2 SmartPlay is compatible with nearly all outdoor luminaire brands that are dimmable (digital DALI or analog 1-10V interface). It is locally controlled but can also be connected to C2 SmartLight control system.

Product Packages

C2 SmartPlay for 4 poles +
C2 SmartLight push button

C2 SmartPlay for 6 poles +
C2 SmartLight push button

How to order?

Please contact our partner in your area.