Asikkala municipality

In Asikkala, you can ski even in the middle of the night and still the municipality saves more than 70% of its electricity bill

Harri Hirvonen, Technical Director, Asikkala Municipality, and Timo Salonen, Project Manager, and Jani Lind, Sales Manager, SmartLight Oy.

There is now intelligence in Asikkala's lighting! The outdoor lighting renovation project, completed at the end of 2021, included a total of nearly 1,700 intelligently remotely operated luminaires for roads, streets, parks and sports venues. At the same time, adjustable night dimming profiles were introduced in Asikkala, bringing the energy consumption to 27% of the previous energy consumption, ie the drip to the old electricity bill is 73%. Harri Hirvonen, Technical Director of Asikkala Municipality, is satisfied with the project: "Now there is good lighting on the streets and the controls are working."

In addition to the streets, the lights will also be lit as needed on sports venues. On the sports field, the lights light up at the touch of a button, and on the Aurinkovuori fitness track, the lights are dimmed and brightened when movement is detected. Matti Kettunen, Director of Welfare at the Municipality of Asikkala, says that even though the lights go out at 10 pm, you can still go skiing on the fitness track and the lights come on according to the motion detection. Now also people who do shift work can now move in their leisure time: "Municipal people can go skiing 24/7 without headlamps, and the lights come on only when they are needed."

The Finnish C2 SmartLight Oy provided the lighting as a service and the intelligent lighting control. "It's great for us to be involved in this type of project, which uses the technology we have developed to reduce energy consumption and light pollution." Sales Manager Jani Lind from C2 SmartLight Oy sums up.

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