Helsinki – Baana


Completed in 2012, Baana opened a cycling and walking route from the West Harbor to the city center when train traffic was stopped from the harbor track built a hundred years earlier. Baana is in some places a dramatic gulf bounded by steep rock walls, on the other hand it opens into an active living room for young people or park-like embankments. The light traffic lane built on the former railway shaft has been awarded as a commercially free space for citizens in the 2014 European Prize for Urban Public Space, which was attended by almost 200 European cities.

C2 SmartLight's lighting control system in Baana controls the operation of the floodlights in the Arkadiankatu underpass tunnel, as well as the section of the light traffic route between Mannerheimintie and Arkadiankatu. On a light traffic bus, the lighting is adjusted dynamically according to the amount of traffic on the bus. Baana, which extends from Mannerheimintie to the Western Link on Mechelininkatu, uses energy-efficient lighting and intelligent control technology that responds to pedestrians and cyclists on the route.

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