C2 SmartYard illuminates the yard of the Uurainen parish house


Many parish groups and clubs gather in the Uurainen Parish house. There are also family celebrations, meetings and lectures. Shortly after its completion in the autumn of 2016, C2 SmartYard lighting was installed in the yard of the parish house, including 11 smart LED lights and 7 motion detectors located on the entrance routes, near the front doors and next to the playground. When there is no movement in the area, the lighting is dimmed to 10% power and the lighting brightens up when movement is detected. After a short while, the lighting returns gradually to the dimmed minimum lighting level.

Pastor Antti Toivio of Uurainen parish is satisfied with the solution. “Disturbance light in the yard is minimized and dimmed lighting is pleasing to the eye even when viewed from the inside out. Lighting on the walkways brightens as needed when there is movement on the yard. When clubs and groups come together, there is most movement and especially in dark winter times the solution suits our needs very well. The feedback received from the users of the parish house has also been positive. ”

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