Dynamic lighting based on sensor data on the E18 motorway


With the C2 SmartLight solution, lighting on the E18 motorway has been adjusted dynamically since 2014. This is a unique control solution specifically designed for motorway lighting, for which no other supplier could have been found in Finland.

The lighting on the E18 motorway is adjusted dynamically according to the amount of traffic. The lighting is at full power when the traffic volume reaches the traffic volume set for the motorway during the 5 minute measurement period. Otherwise, the lighting is at a level of 60-80% of the maximum, depending on the amount of traffic in the measuring area. In addition to the amount of traffic, the lighting is adjusted by sensors according to the brightness information and weather conditions.


  • Short payback time
    36% energy savings achieved with dynamically adjusting lighting.
  • Invisible to the road user
    The control area is the distance between the two access ramps and the road user does not notice the change in lighting level when moving from one measuring area to another.
  • Reliable technology
    The implementation covers a distance of 150 km from Helsinki to Vaalimaa border and the first part has been in use since 2014 and has worked flawlessly.
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