Espoo – Oittaa

Oittaa in Espoo has a 1.3-kilometer cross-country ski run of cannon snow for use by skiers 24/7. In the past, the lights went out at 10pm, as is the custom of the country.

In the evening, there are lots of families on the trail as well as skiers of different levels. Previously, active skiers were not allowed to ski on their own level. Now they also get to the track later in the evening when the trail becomes empty.

Starting point

  • Cannon snow for a 1.3km run
  • Lots of different levels of skiers and rush hours

What was done?

  • C2 SmartLumo-controlled LED luminaires and 10 motion detectors installed
  • Illumination level defined: basic level 10% -> Motion detection -> light brightens 100%


  • More skiing time for the track.
  • Evening shifts and other night owls also get to ski after ten.
  • The lights do not light up unnecessarily at full power when there are no skiers on the track.
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