Hyvinkää lights up in its new splendor: the new lighting control system illuminates the city while saving money and energy.


Pictures: City of Hyvinkää

The city of Hyvinkää chose C2 SmartLight Oy as the supplier for the procurement of the road and street lighting control system. The renovation included the remote use of the devices and the control system as a cloud service. The acquisition was made through an open tender.

Hyvinkää's former GSM-based control system, renewed almost 20 years ago, had come to an end. The old system only enabled central control. In this way, it was not possible to control individual luminaires. The goal of the project was clear: to have a clear user interface for controlling the lighting, and to create a system that can be expanded in the future.

The project contained about 150 central devices. C2 SmartLight products are modular, which made it possible to choose exactly the configuration that was needed for each street light center.

The new control system enables dynamic and need-based lighting. Hyvinkää has purchased led luminaires with a Zhaga connector, to which it will be easy to connect a luminaire-specific controller in the future. This way, the lighting always works at the right level at the right time in the right place.

The lighting infrastructure can also now be managed even better. For example, the luminaires are able to tell their own status information, which means that faults can be caught more efficiently - even before the feedback comes from the municipal residents. The new system also makes it possible to manage the rest of the city's electrical infrastructure, such as, for example, the control of electric heating in outdoor stairways or squares that you want to keep warm during the winter.

In addition, the control system reduces light pollution. Eliminating unnecessary or excessive lighting improves the well-being of both Hyvinkää residents and nature. Ultimately, the new control system also means saved energy and saved euros.

C2 SmartLight Oy's sales manager Jani Lind thanks Hyvinkää for the smooth cooperation: "They were clearly well versed in what they were acquiring and what needs the new control system had to fulfill. The cooperation has worked well." The electrical engineer responsible for outdoor lighting in the city of Hyvinkää Saku-Petteri Friman is also satisfied: "I couldn't find a reason to complain. You can always get help for everything, and information flows.” Hyvinkää is on its way to a sustainable future: the renewed lighting control system is a great tool for achieving a carbon-neutral Hyvinkää.


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