IoT is already here - The lighting control system is a city-owned telecommunications network

Why build new smart city networks when a solution already exists? The C2 SmartLight control system is a city-owned telecommunications network for street lighting control, which enables the collection and transmission of various sensor and measurement data through the system. Sensors added to the lighting network provide automatically adjustable and dynamic lighting that creates joy and experiences.

Our customers are several municipalities and cities of different sizes that have developed their technology and services sensibly and in the long term, taking into account the possibilities of the future, and are already ready for smart city. Here are a few of them. In addition to controlling outdoor lighting, various intelligent solutions have been designed and implemented to control more than just lighting.


The city of Kerava has been our customer since 2016, and the city's roads and fitness tracks, ie about 8,600 luminaires, are covered by central control. C2 SmartWalk attracts attention and illuminates road crossers at more than ten destinations in Kerava. The city has also installed the C2 SmartPlay push button control on several of the city's sports fields, and on the Ahjo fitness trail, the lighting is adjusted according to motion detection.


The city of Keuruu has been our light service customer since 2009. Keuruu does not own lighting control equipment, but has rented it from C2 SmartLight. The city's street and park areas are under lighting control. Identification and opening of the gate at Talvisalo's soil bank is carried out with C2 SmartLight control.


The municipality of Laukaa has been our customer since 2013 and all the municipality's road and fitness track lighting is subject to central control. C2 SmartCounter is installed on the fitness track of the Metso route in order to obtain information about the number of visitors and usage times of the route. Laukaa has outsourced the fault feedback service to C2 SmartLight, including monitoring the operational condition of the street lighting, receiving, processing and, if necessary, referring to the maintenance contractor for error reports concerning the street light network, and reporting. This has brought synergies and freed up resources for technical department.


The municipality of Pyhtää has been our customer since 2015 and the municipality's road and fitness track lighting is subject to central control. The street lighting of Katvesammale and the lighting of the Huutjärvi fitness track are controlled on the basis of motion detection. In town center, the lighting in the playground is also adjusted according to motion detection, and package solutions can also be found in the municipality, e.g. smart pedestrian lighting solution C2 SmartWalk.


Municipality of Uurainen has been our customer for more than 10 years. All municipal roads and fitness track lighting is subject to central control. Motion detection-based lighting is in use on a low-traffic road. The light follows the walker in the new senior park, which also has a C2 SmartArt color light play to delight children and the child-minded. In addition, package solutions can be found in the municipality, e.g. C2 SmartYard from the yard of the parish house, which illuminates the people moving in the yard and dims the lighting when the yard is empty.


The capital of Finland has been a customer of C2 SmartLight since 2013, and the city's street and park areas, ie about 86,000 luminaires, are under central control. There are several C2 SmartPlay pushbutton solutions installed in parks in Helsinki. In Vaasa Park, the C2 SmartLight event electricity enables agile street food, market activities and events without the noise nuisance of the aggregates to the neighborhood. In the street lighting of Laajasalonti, the City of Helsinki is testing the effect of color temperature on the aesthetics of the urban environment and people's state of wakefulness. Helsinki is introducing luminaire-specific controls on the fitness tracks.

The next step is luminaire-specific control

We see that it is precisely luminaire-specific control that is the most important element that adds value and savings in smart outdoor lighting. A concrete example of this: when a luminaire-specific controller saves a single maintenance or reprogramming visit to a luminaire during its life cycle, then the controller has covered its purchase price.

The luminaire-specific control enables a constant voltage in the outdoor lighting network and thus adjustable lighting and power supply as needed for various future solutions that will need power throughout the year and also during the day. Municipalities and cities have a unique opportunity to transform their outdoor lighting network from a spending item into a revenue-generating smart grid and even with a very small investment that pays back for itself quickly.

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