C2 SmartArt colourplay

Colourplay starts with a push of a button

Have you already heard about colourplay? It's like a fairy tale that comes to life with every step!

Why is the colorplay amazing?

Additive color mixing: Lights and shadows change and mix when you move under them. The enchanting dance of colors is guaranteed!

Fun and learning: Children enjoy playing and learning about colors at the same time. Colourplay makes the playground a learning environment.

A new product for the designer's palette: The designer can use colourplay to bring more color and joy to the parks and playgrounds even in the dark.

Are you ready to bring this magic to your playground?

Contact us and let's design together a playground full of brilliant colours!

C2 SmartArt colourplay product package

C2 SP16117
incl. 3 led lamps with C2 SmartLumo controllers
Push button and instruction panel

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