C2 SmartLight City (C2 2614102)

Full control

The C2 SmartLight City package offers all the control, monitoring, measurement and fault monitoring features offered by modern technology. The equipment package is ready for installation up to the individual cables and includes all functions e.g. control of outdoor lighting in urban agglomerations as well as residential and industrial areas. The devices in the City package are managed through the C2S central system.

The City device package scales according to customer needs and it is easy to add new device units.

C2 SmartLight City -package

  • C2PU power supply
  • C2CU center unit
  • C2RU relay unit
  • C2MU meter unit
  • C2CuT, 3 pcs
  • C2ANT-antenna, 3m cable
  • Needed cables and connectors
  • Control solution access

Technical data

Measures (H x L x D):
101 x 225 x 120 mm

35 mm DIN rail 46277

IP code:

IK06 (1 Joule)

Operating temperature:
-40°C… +55°C

Network connection:

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