C2 SmartLight Street (C2 2614101)

C2 SmartLight Street

Versatile control and tracking

C2 SmartLight Street is a ready-to-install package that enables versatile control and tracking.

The equipment is equally suitable for controlling the lighting of urban agglomerations, industrial areas and sparsely populated areas, as well as for controlling the lighting of individual storage or loading areas.

The versatile remote access features of the Street-package speed up service and troubleshooting and make maintenance easier. For example, the equipment alerts you to power supply failures and reports on lights on and central fire times.

C2 SmartLight Street package

  • C2PU power supply
  • C2CU center unit
  • C2ANT-antenna, 3m cable
  • Control solution access

Technical data

Measures (H x L x D):
101 x 100 x 120 mm

35 mm DIN rail 46277

IP code:

IK06 (1 Joule)

Operating temperature:
-40°C… +55°C

Network connection:

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