C2 SmartLumo

C2 SmartLumo is a smart controller for controlling C2 SmartCity functionalities

The remote-controlled C2 SmartLumo NEMA and C2 SmartLumo Z are particularly suitable for controlling street, road and area lighting.

The control can take place according to a programmed schedule, under the control of the internal astronomical clock or according to the observations of the sensors connected to the controller. Control parameters can be changed individually or as a group via C2 SmartLight central control or wirelessly on site.

The DALI 2 protocol is used to control the lighting. The C2 SmartLumo M controller also has 1-10V control and a 4-20 mA signal input for external sensors.

Technical data

IP code:

Operating temperature:
-40°C… +55°C

Network connection:
2.4 GHz ZigBee

C2 SmartLumo M
C2 2614137

Measures: 32 x 117 x 79 mm
Connection: cable

C2 SmartLumo Z
C2 2614148

Measures: 38 x Ø 80 mm
Connection: Zhaga book 18

C2 SmartLumo NEMA

C2 SmartLumo NEMA
C2 2614138

Measures: 80 x Ø 133 mm
Connection: ANSI C136.41

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