Seinäjoki parish

Seinäjoki parish

The cemeteries of the Seinäjoki parish had a total of 150 pieces of 125W mercury lamps and considerable energy consumption because of them. When the parish started thinking about replacing the luminaires with LEDs and got acquainted with the matter in more detail, they decided to acquire a C2 SmartLight control system, which will be used to control the lighting as needed and also to achieve significant savings. The lighting renovation was completed in the fall of 2021.

“We anticipate a lot of value for this project. On such a large scale, intelligent lighting has not been introduced in Finnish congregations, at least to my knowledge. ” says Esko Karttunen, park manager of the Seinäjoki parish.

“In our opinion, the C2 SmartLight is the most advanced and advanced in lighting control. C2 has an understanding and knowledge of how to control park lighting and the expertise was useful when choosing luminaire models and different options. ” Karttunen continues.

With the new technology, the overall management of the areas will be significantly improved. “The operational condition of the equipment is seen remotely from the system and we are better prepared for repairs. We see a broken lamp in a single cemetery and there is no need to turn around unnecessarily. ” In addition, other types of electricity control are included in the control system. "In one cemetery, sprinklers are to be controlled in a timed way in the future, or by a mobile phone and in another cemetery, frost melts are controlled remotely." Karttunen sums up the benefits.

In Seinäjoki, the visual side of lighting is also given the attention it deserves, and its benefits are understood as an atmosphere creator. All in all, there is a lot of expectation in the lighting of parks and cemeteries. The trees are to be illuminated with durable solutions, and the colors of the lights can be used to bring out the shapes of buildings in very different ways.” Karttunen paints the picture of the future.

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