Adaptive lighting of Hirvasentie

69% energy saving.

Vanha Hirvasentie at Uurainen is a low-traffic road, where 29 pcs of 90W LED luminaires were installed in 2014. A year later, lighting control controlled by the C2 SmartLight motion sensor was introduced on the road section. In this way, the energy consumption of the same lighting could be compared with and without control. The savings in energy consumption brought by lighting control as shown by actual measurements are significant: 69%.

0.1 € / kWh has been used as the price of electricity in the calculation below. For comparison purposes, the calculated consumption of high-pressure sodium and mercury luminaires with lighting of the same light output has also been included in the calculation.

Type of luminairepowerLuminaire amountBurn hoursPower consumption Cost
LED (without control)90 W29355926 kWh93 €/month
LED + motion detection control15-90 W29355283 kWh28 €/month
high pressure sodium169 W293551739 kWh174 €/month
mercury280 W293552883 kWh288 €/month

Smart light

Smart control of lighting of Vanha Hirvasentie is adapting motion detection. At the intersections of the road, motion sensors have been installed that identify the motorist, as well as cyclists and pedestrians, and illuminate the lighting according to the direction of the mover. This way, the lighting is not at full power in vain and energy is saved. The stars appear again.

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