Kerava – SmartCity


Smart lighting is first step towards smart city.

Smart municipalities, cities and environments are now being made a rumble around the world. Clarity and efficiency in resource use and infrastructure management are good goals, but there is a risk of tripping overly complicated implementation. There are many paths to the Smart City vision. In Kerava, one starting point has been the lighting control based on need.

- A smart city is an entity formed by good management, service technology and a high quality of life. With the help of SmartCity solutions, municipalities and cities can better manage and manage their environments and the data they produce, describes Petri Laitinen, Vice president of C2 SmartLight.

The Finnish technology company is launching a new platform for SmartCity development, which integrates intelligent lighting control, infrastructure management and various automation solutions, among other things - from the system it is possible to build common interfaces with third-party services.

- We want to offer a way to start developing a smarter municipality or city in small steps, Laitinen says.

Smart street lighting saves money in Kerava - tests new C2 SmartCity interface in the front ranks

The company's customers have also been involved in the development of the new service. Alongside Mikkeli and Kontiolahti, the city of Kerava is a pioneer in beta testing C2 SmartLight's SmartCity user interface. 

- I'm looking forward to what's coming. We also have a SmartCity project underway in the city, so this supports that too. We have been very satisfied with the lighting control system from C2 SmartLight, and there are no more feedback from the residents about the street lights burning in vain, says Miika Tiihonen, the traffic planner of the city of Kerava.

In Kerava, street lighting control was renewed with the C2 SmartLight system in 2016. Now, in addition to street lighting, the company's control solution includes sports venues and fitness trails, as well as 95 percent of the city's other outdoor lighting.

Solutions that help to develop smarter traffic are always welcome for traffic planner. Tiihonen sees a lot of potential in the C2 SmartCity service. 

- Traffic monitoring is of interest and potential. In other areas of responsibility, I could think that issues related to building automation and water supply infrastructure management would fit under the same control, Tiihonen reflects.

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