C2 SmartLight lights the way towards carbon-neutral Aura: "Everything went exactly as planned."

The municipality of Aura, glowing in the twinkling of the Aura River, updated its street lighting to the smart age together with C2 SmartLight Oy. About 660 old street lamps were replaced with adjustable, energy-efficient LED lamps. In addition, lamp posts and cabling were renewed. The half million euro project is covered by electricity savings.

Pictures: Municipality of Aura

The project was implemented with a 10-year lease. In this way, the repair debt is eliminated without investment costs, and the lamps are the property of the municipality after the end of the lease agreement. "The form of procurement was reasonable. The costs can be covered by saving electricity, so in the end there will be no extra costs for the municipality at all", says Aura municipality's technical director Kari Tuohi.

C2 SmartLight Oy was selected as a partner through a competition. The service includes the installation of rental lights and control devices, measurement of lighting quality, remote control of lighting and optimization.

The renovation started with a analysis of the current situation. The municipality of Aura still had more than 500 old street lamps, such as mercury lamps, in use. Old lamps are overshadowed by new led lamps for several reasons: led lamps are more environmentally friendly, more durable and increase safety and comfort. Lamp replacements bring savings and help the municipality of Aura in its goal of being carbon neutral by the end of the year 2035.

Based on the survey, a plan was created to update lighting and lighting control. After planning, we moved to the installation and commissioning phase. Sauvon Sähkö Oy was creditably responsible for the installations.

Aura and C2 SmartLight Oy had cooperated for several years before the renovation. The C2 SmartLight control system used by the municipality was supplemented in the renovation in such a way that it enables the lighting to be controlled individually. The lighting was adjusted for Aura's various roads and streets according to wishes. The control system will make maintenance easier in the future, for example by notifying a faulty light fixture. In addition, the system enables the monitoring of lighting energy consumption.

Tuohi is very satisfied with the project and its outcome: "The communication worked great, the goals were reached and the budget was kept. Everything went exactly as planned." The intelligently lit Aura now shines brightly, but more affordably and as needed.

Jari Nerjanto, Head of Community Engineering, and Kari Tuohi, Technical Director

Sauvon Sähkö Oy was creditably responsible for the installations.

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