C2 SmartPlay Muuratsalo


Muuratsalo leisure sport field lighting control

The Muuratsalo leisure sport field in Jyväskylä was originally illuminated with four 400 W HQL floodlights placed on two different masts. The annual energy consumption of field lighting was 3699 kWh.

The lighting was improved by installing four masts on the field, each with two 252 W LED floodlights. The lighting was directed to brighten only when necessary with C2 SmartPlay solution, i.e. in practice when the user brightens the field lights when entering the field by pressing a push button. At other times, the lighting is on at 10% lighting power.

When the lighting was controlled to brighten only when there were users in the field, the annual energy consumption for lighting in the field was reduced by 90% from 3692 kWh to 368 kWh.

Type of luminaireLuminaire amount and powerpower combinedBurn hours/ yearEnergy consumption/ yearCost/ year
Mercury lamp (HQL)4 x 400 W1600 W23123692 kWh369,20 €
Led lights + C2 SmartPlay8 x 252 W2016 W/ 201,6W2312368 kWh36,78 €
Led lights, no control8 x 252 W2016 W23124461 KWh466,10 €

Control: The field lighting is on at full power (total 2016 W) six days a week for two hours, otherwise at 10% power (total 201,6 W).

0,1 € / kWh has been used in the calculation as the price of electricity. The calculation also takes into account night shutdowns Mon – Fri 00–05, Sat – Sun 04–06 and summer shutdown approx. 2 months.

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